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Direct Financial Assistance Program

Giving Lotts of Love & Hope cares for every member of the cancer- related community, no matter what their age, cancer type, income or situation may be. Our Direct Financial Assistance program provides direct assistance to individuals and their families who are currently in active treatment battling life-threatening cancer.  We provide gift cards to help with the cost of gas to get to and from the many doctor appointments.  We also help families of the individuals needing financial assistance in the form of utility bills, mortgage/rent, groceries, transportation, medications, etc.  Click here to learn more about how you can contribute.

EduCamp Program

Giving Lotts of Love & Hope  knows that missed school days and cognitive effects can make school difficult for many kids impacted by cancer in their home. That's why we offer educational support from preschoolers through young adults. We offer tutoring service and support to school-age children impacted by cancer, at no cost. This program is provided to all residents of Tarrant County. We are committed to helping the neediest among the community of cancer affected families. Learn more about our charitable EduCamp program, and see how you can help make it even better and more impactful. Whether you’re looking to donate money or want to volunteer your time, we are happy to receive any help you can give.  

 Warrior Program

One in five cancer deaths result from malnutrition. Individuals and their families fighting cancer needs the nourishment of body, mind and spirit. Giving Lotts of Love & Hope serves hope by preparing and servings nutritional meals to cancer patients several times a year. 


The Warrior program also provides custom created Hope Packages with daily essentials and inspirational tools to help motivate and encourage patients in their fight through the cancer battle.

 If you’re looking to play a part, find out more about how to donate or volunteer. Your help really makes all the difference to our charity recipients. Contact us to learn more about our different services and how you can help us make a difference.