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 Pediatric Cancer Families

Need Assistance

during the COVID-19 Crisis

Giving Lotts of Love & Hope is working hard to support pediatric cancer patients and their families now more than ever.​ 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our nonprofit is experiencing low funding that is needed to help our mission during this crisis. We are needing your help to raise funds to provide immediate aid to pediatric cancer families. 

We have identified a need to help critically ill children undergoing active treatment whose parents are in need of emergency assistance because they have either lost their job or experienced a reduction in wages. The money raised will provide grocery, gas gift cards and housing/ utility/water assistance for many of these families during the COVID-19 crisis.

 In addition, due to the protective isolation restrictions at the hospitals, pediatric patients are not able to receive any visitors this includes their family members. In order to help these children connect and communicate with their family and friends, Giving Lotts of Love & Hope is doing an Digital Tablet/iPad Campaign for children, undergoing active treatment . The money raised will help purchase Digital tablets or iPads to be donated  directly to the children undergoing active treatment within the State of Texas . The Digital tablets/iPads allow the children to keep up with safe social interaction, which is critical during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Immuno-compromised pediatric cancer patients that are at home, undergoing active treatment, will be able to use Digital tablets/iPads for tele-health services so they can have safe, at-home access to their doctors and nurses. 

 We are tremendously grateful for your support.    

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