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Our Journey

Life for our family came to a sudden halt the night our bright, energetic toddler boy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia.


Our eldest son Jeremiah was an otherwise healthy, active toddler who hit the typical milestones of a boy his age and enjoyed life. Things took a dramatic turn the night of January 7, 2016, when we rushed our son to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas after he started exhibiting poor appetite, aching bones, flu-like symptoms and a spiking fever. Doctors rocked our world when they broke the news to us in the ER that our beautiful boy was suffering the symptoms of high risk Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, also known as ALL.


At the hearing of those words, our lives were changed forever. Our sweet little Jeremiah was just three years old.


Life for our family came to a sudden halt. The emotional, physical, and financial toll of cancer was enormous. Jeremiah underwent intense chemotherapy, painful blood transfusions and spinal cord procedures that caused him to be in social isolation for more than 180 days due to his immune system being compromised. His road to recovery was just the beginning of many long days ahead.


Throughout his three and a half years of treatment, Jeremiah taught us many things. He taught us how to believe, trust, persevere, and have faith. He endured countless needle pokes for transfusions of red blood cells and IVs and long hours of suffering as painful doses of chemotherapy ran through his small veins.


During his lengthy stays at Cook Children’s, Jeremiah would often share toys and inspiring words with other kids diagnosed with cancer and their families. Our big-hearted boy taught us to see beyond our own pain and our own needs and to recognize the needs of others.


It was in these lessons that our mission was born to offer support to other families on a cancer journey with a child they love.


We founded Giving Lotts of Love & Hope in November of 2018 to advocate for and assist families afflicted by cancer by providing financial and emotional support to them. Because of our personal experiences, we understand the challenges that come on the heels of a cancer diagnosis, including loss of income, job displacement, emotional struggles and other hardships that can last for weeks, months and sometimes even years. We understand the stress, anxiety and heartache of a cancer diagnosis. Life not only changes for the diagnosed individual but for the entire family. Through Giving Lotts of Love & Hope, our ultimate aim is to surround families like ours in an enormous circle of love and hope.

                                                                                                    The Lott Family

                                                                                     (Greg, Trinina, Nehemiah, Xavier & Our Little Cancer Warrior Jeremiah)

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